Why is IT Governance Important?

On the surface of it, it seems like IT Governance is a lot of trouble for no tangible return. Yet a business runs on information and an information system that delivers timely and accurate information is an invaluable asset to all companies.

How many companies really have a working IT policy? Many companies think an information system is a sort of “set and forget system” that it can be installed and then left alone to work. Like all systems, however, it will degrade over time. Software becomes obsolete, hardware ages and deteriorates from wear and tear, and even processes become old and inefficient as new technologies and processes evolve. Proper processes need to be in place to ensure that obsolete software is properly disposed of, and hardware stripped, cleansed and securely disposed.

IT-governance-maturityBenefits of IT Governance:

Implementing IT Governance provides a number of benefits for companies and organizations. It improves overall efficiency of the whole organization. These benefits cover different areas, the main ones that are covered are:

Executive Management

Executive management will see;

  • The improvement in the quality of IT services over time.
  • There is also a reduced failure of IT projects,
  • Minimising risk
  • Saving cost.

Business Owners

For business owners there is major reduction of IT risk over time. There is also a reduction in cost of delivering IT service over time. Both points improve the overall efficiency of business.

Other Managers

For other managers in an organisation they will experience enhanced delivery of IT Services.

All IT Workers

Running projects and operations are properly and closely followed up for their and value and risk factors. This leads to better understanding of the project mechanism and fewer risks can be anticipated before they occur.

IT Governance is needed to ensure that the investments in IT generate value & rewards all the while mitigating IT associated risks to avoid IT failure.