What is IT Governance?

What is IT Governance OverviewIT Governance is putting structure around how organisations align IT strategy with business strategy, ensuring that companies maintain focus to achieve their strategies and goals, and implementing good ways to measure ITs performance. It makes sure that all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account and that processes provide measurable results.

An IT governance framework should answer some key questions, such as how the IT department is functioning overall, what key metrics management needs and ensuring IT is maintaining the business investment it’s making.

While commonly discussed within the Corporate Governance level, IT Governance is a subset of this process and should be considered with great importance. Suitable IT governance is integral to your business. It focuses specifically on your information technology system, the performance of the system and any risks affecting your system.

Why pay thousands of dollars for an IT system if the overall governance does not allow that system to work?

Ensuring the correct IT Governance will ensure company’s IT infrastructure is suitable and scalable as your company’s needs grow.