Directed IT consultants help you integrate governance best practices to align IT with your business goals and help ensure resources are responsibly allocated.

Directed IT can also show best practices and proven methods to define clear decision-making structures with management controls that drive IT performance improvements, allowing faster use of IT as a competitive business enabler.

When an organization starts IT Governance, it becomes more profitable, more efficient and increases the trust of its investors.

Moreover various researchers concluded that proper implementation of IT governance is beneficial for the growth of the company.

  • Companies with above average IT governance are 20% more profitable than similar firms with poorer governance (Weill and Ross, 2004).
  • Investors pay 14%-22% more for well-run, well-governed companies (Global Investor Opinion Survey on Corporate Governance, 2003).
  • Top-rated corporate governance companies consistently return more than triple to investors than that of lower-rated companies over 3, 5 and 10years (GMI 2004 Governance and Performance Analysis, 2005).

In a worldwide survey of 7,000 companies (IT Governance Global Status Report, 2004) the IT Governance Institute found with regard to delivery of strategic vision that:

  • 52% of CEO’s question the value their IT departments deliver (Completing the IT Value Equation, May 18 2004); and
  • 70% identified system controls as a significant challenge to the company’s ability to achieve on-going compliance with what? (The 404 Institute September 2004 Survey).

With a workshop based approach including the business’s CFO, CIO & CEO promotes discussions among these key decision makers, helping to improve the understanding of governance capabilities in business environment. This can lead to quicker adoption of governance best practices.