IT Management vs IT Governance

IT governance is primarily concerned with facilitating (strategic) decision making. IT management is more focused on the operational excellence of the IT function. The ultimate goal of both processes is to maximise organisational value creation by achieving better business-IT alignment. In this regard, IT governance and IT management are not mutually exclusive.

However, from a governance perspective, there is not always a clear distinction between IT governance and IT management, as illustrated in the figure above, IT Governance vs. IT Management.

IT management is focused on the effective and efficient internal supply of IT services and products, and the management of present IT operations. A framework such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) could be used to assist in IT service management.

IT governance, on the other hand, is much broader and concentrates on transforming IT to meet the present and future demands of the business (internal focus) and its customers (external focus). Governance has a wider time dimension and looks further than the organisation’s current time frame.